I’ve been a huge fan of Logopond since its inception, and over the piece great designers have showcased a brilliant array of clever logos. I’ve selected some of my favourites and included them below. Merry Christmas everyone!

What makes a logo ‘clever’

Each of these logos above are what I would call clever. But what do each of these designs possess that makes them so incredible and perfectly fit-for-purpose? I’ve lined out some of the key features that any clever logo should have to make it the best design possible for you or your company. If you know anything About Us, you’ll  realise we know a thing or two about Clever Logos. 


The first rule of having a well-designed logo is to keep it simple. An elaborate and detailed logo with lots of text and different elements won’t be very memorable and usually will be more difficult to print on different sizes of items. It might look great on a T-shirt but you might not be able to discern the little bits of it when on a business card. Simple, striking designs are where it is at.


Another ideal facet of a great logo design is that it is memorable. There is absolutely no point in investing in your branding if no one is going to remember what it looks like the next day. The simplicity will help here, but bold colours and catchy text will help you out if you want to go viral.


As we mentioned above, the logo needs to work on a variety of mediums, from social media, to merchandise, to promotional materials. This means it needs to be kept simple, needs to look great and can be edited to fit whichever platform it is on. Often, this can include having different versions of the logo with different colours or blank spaces or backgrounds. Play about with your logo, keeping a central design and give it some versatility.


Lastly, it needs to be appropriate. The logo design for a sports brand should probably be very different from the logo for a solicitors’ office. Keep it fresh and innovative, but in line with the market you’re trying to work with. You want to stand out with an incredible design, but you don’t want to confuse consumers. 

How to Create a Great Logo

The process of creating a great logo design is simple. If you follow the steps closely, you are almost guaranteed to have a logo design at the end of it which meets clients’ needs and looks fantastic.


First of all you need to listen to your clients. I always start with a really in-depth meeting, taking the time to listen to the logos they like, all about their business, and what they would like to use the logo for. Do they want to include the business name or make it all about the imagery? There is no point in trying to design a logo for someone without knowing what they want or like.


Next, you need to do your research. I start by looking at competitors or businesses in a similar market to see what the current trends are. I then look at the business’ past logos to see if they have had any and see if I can use anything from this to develop a new brand that incorporates the old ideas.


Following on from the research, you need to go through your own Logo Design Process. This can be brainstorming, doodling, playing with colour pallets and sketching out rough ideas. Whatever your creative process is, here is the time to unless your potential and create some brilliant initial logo designs.


Before showing your client your idea for a logo design, you should take the time to make sure you apply all of the finishing touches. An eye for detail helps in this role. 


Finally, you want to listen to the client’s feedback and make any revisions necessary. If you fail to take their needs into consideration then you are not going to deliver a logo design that properly reflects their personality and vision.

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